Reasons Why You Should Buy French Lingerie

Lingerie in some countries is what you put on to impress someone special. In some countries, you go lingerie shopping before a special event or evening. Some women choose to slip the lingerie on under their clothing before the event, while other women choose to change into lingerie at the end of the evening. In the country of France, lingerie is approached in a completely different way.

Lingerie comes from the French root word linge, which means linen. In France, lingerie is not just for a special occasion, and is not only provided for women. In France, lingerie is simply what you wear underneath your clothes. Any form of underwear, or linen/clothing that you put under your outerwear, is considered lingerie. Some types of lingerie include bras, panties, stockings, bustier, corsets, thongs, garters, negligees, slip, and unitard. Of course, the actual list is more extensive.

In some countries, because lingerie only represents underwear to be worn on special occasions, the underwear, or lingerie, is very uncomfortable. When it comes to bras, the straps are either so thin that they dig into your shoulder, or so thick that they slide off your shoulder. The band of the bra at times is so rigid that it just cuts into your ribcage, making you want to adjust it every hour for comfort. With some bras, the lace material, that is supposed to be the most appealing and alluring look in lingerie, is so itchy that you can only stand to wear it for an hour; maybe two hours. The cups may not be so supportive, which allows the âgirlsâ to hang, forcing you to hunch over.

So, why should we buy French lingerie? When you purchase French lingerie, you will not have these same issues. For one, the material, lace, used to make the lingerie is very comfortable, so you will not have to worry about itching all day and night. While some countries define a womanâs, shape using numbers and measurements, in France a womanâs shape is defined using letters: A, V, H, X and O. These letters represent the silhouette of every woman. To find your letter, simply stand in front a mirror. Then, match the letter to your shape.

When choosing French lingerie, what you choose to purchase is very dependent on your letter. There are aspects of the womanâs body that are hidden and need to be accentuated, and there are aspects of the womanâs body that need to be toned down. When you purchase per your letter, you are more likely to not only look great underneath your outerwear, but you are also more likely to feel confident, and, most importantly, comfortable. A great bra does not only shape the âgirlsâ. A great bra lifts and provides great support for your back as well.

So, the next time you choose to purchase lingerie, make sure the lingerie is French for comfort, caters to you letter shape, and consider wearing your new lingerie under your clothes when you go to work, the grocery store, and even out on the town with friends. You will be comfortable and confident in who you are as a woman.