Luxury And Delight With French Handmade Designer Lingerie

French handmade lingerie offers not only superior craftsmanship and exquisite materials it also offers
incomparable craftsmanship. Made from elements such as silk satin as opposed to polyester with gold
components as opposed to plastic. French homemade lingerie is also made with leavers lace instead of
over locked seams. All these differences are essential in making the differentiation between luxurious
lingerie and handmade lingerie.

Investing in luxury French made designer lingerie might be a bit more expensive on your bank account
but this lingerie is of very high quality that is guaranteed to make you feel special and hug your body
perfectly. Luxury French made designer lingerie has a level of femininity that easily emanates from it.
The aim of French handmade designer lingerie is to be comfortable, so there is no need to worry about
painful straps and itchy lace.

French lingerie designers aim for their handmade lingerie to be the ideal daily wear, not just for that one
special occasion. French women believe that lingerie is meant be worn everyday as a foundation o true

Designers like Brighton lace offer their clientele limited edition collections that are made from delicate
lace lingerie in soft feminine colors. Their colors range from Teal & Slate to Forget Me Not Blue, that are
derived from vintage-inspired long line bralettes to the scalloped edged Tiger Lily bras. Their aim is to
design and create simple relaxed shapes like their lace bralettes, their French knickers and lingerie sets
that support your natural body.

The House of Simone Prle deems themselves as masters of precious material and producers of
lingerie that is of a rare quality and subtlety of detail they believe they have precise understanding and
knowledge of the female body. To make sure that their lingerie is the perfect fit for each client whether
size A to H, they require an 18 month process of imagination, research and testing. They carry out trial
fittings is carried out with consumers and colleagues with up to 15 fitting per size being required. Each
item is worked to the millimeter which guarantees the perfection that is the House of Simone Prle.
When making their luxury lingerie in their workshops, they ensure that their gestures are precise, the
inlays, hooks, bindings, visible and or hidden, there are about 25 components are needed to make a bra.
Each item is worked in the finest details, from the sketches to the finishing details in order to guarantee
the perfect silhouette every season. All this places the House of Simone Prle and their designers at
the center of trends, creating emblematic lingerie and guaranteed limited edition items that ensure that
your inside fashion matches your outside fashion.

Other designers that offer guaranteed luxury and delight with French handmade lingerie are Evgenia
who offers beautiful and versatile design with a natural femininity about them; Angela Friedman’s
designs try to bridge the gap between handcrafted opulent dreams and every woman’s everyday
wardrobe by using 100% silk and French lace that guarantee their lingerie to feel like a dream on your
body.See more here