What To Look For When Choosing Expensive Lingerie


Lingerie is expensive. That’s the truth. Want to dress sexy, pull out the credit card and get ready to
spend some. Sometimes, it’s about the company who makes them, but other times it’s about the quality
of the lingerie. One thing that women of all shapes and sizes have in common is that the lingerie they
wear should make them feel wonderful about themselves. If a good $50 piece makes them very well,
imagine what a $150 would make them?

Most women love wearing red, white, and black, a reason why most sexy lingerie comes in those three
colours. Satin, lace, silk, leather, PVC, sheer mesh, and velvet are just some of the best sources to make
quality pieces of lingerie. Sheer material is always going to be more revealing. Look at them carefully
and visualise the piece. Touch it, know the insides, and figure out what is preferable. Now, here are the
luxury brands where lingerie is truly expensive for good reasons. With so many places to choose from,
it√Ęs easy to find lingerie that gives the right comfort. Most luxury lingerie brands offer made-to-fit choice
and will tailor the piece for the best fit possible. Some designers will only produce a limited number of
each design, making it an exclusive piece of clothing.

From $100 up, Guia La Bruna is an Italian brand known to make their lingerie from the best European
fabrics with a vintage look. Pleasurements comes from the Netherlands and sells their lingerie in a
erotica fashion for women who love their erotic fantasies. Each piece they make is carefully designed
and gift wrapped in a unique box. From $250 up, Agent Provocateur from London and Bordelle have
been worn by notable singers such as Rihanna, Katy Perry, and Lady Gaga. And, for $515, Carine Gilson
of Paris (where else?) provides clients the best Lyon silk and delicate Chantilly lace in their pieces.

Lingerie is beautiful, but it doesn’t come cheap. Buyers must be willing to spend some hefty change on
some sexy clothing to wear any time. Quality comes over cost, and those who can afford it, will spend
the dough to have it. When choosing expensive lingerie, look for the names that are among the best and
note how much they cost. In other words, do the research. Designer lingerie has grown in popularity the
last 20 years to the point where the cost for such exclusive looks in them go high and sell high. Victoria’s
Secret may be for the everywoman, but these other brands that go well above $100 define the
expensive taste of lingerie and why they are the best to wear.

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