A Guide To Lingerie Shopping & 3 Reason Why You Should Go French

If you do not live in France then the chances are you’re underwear drawer consists of a few panties and bra’s for best and the rest are likely to have seen better days, but why replace them? The chances are that no one is going to see them and isnât it more important that you concentrate on your outer clothing? The French do not agree. Each year they spend around 20% of what they earn on their lingerie which is about what the average American would spend on accessories like heels and handbags.

The French believe that you create your own energy and in wearing tired, redundant underwear that is the energy you are omitting to the world. There is a lot of emphasis on wearing well-made underwear and it’s seen as a worthwhile investment by French women who pass these standards down to their children. Wearing French underwear is a must to make you feel confident from the inside out.

Unlike the majority of underwear sold in thrift stores and other outlets French underwear is constructed to fit your body shape and is made from premium materials including lace and silk. In France each tiny village will have a minimum of one lingerie store for women to keep up with the expected standards of the community and more importantly themselves.

Wearing French underwear is something that can help you to look better in the clothes that you wear when you choose pieces that suit your body shape. They can flatter the parts of your body you would rather hide and accent those you’re happy to show off such as a slim waist or big breasts. Although French women are seen as highly sensual they are also taught to respect themselves and no self-respecting French woman would be seen in cheap undies whatever their size or shape. French women pay less emphasis on the body they were given, instead they make the best of it with French lingerie helping them to look the best they can with or without clothing.

Taking pride in your lingerie isn’t all about getting yourself preened for a date with your significant other or love interests. The most important part of choosing lingerie is not to select what you think your partner would like. The French just don’t do tacky when it comes to your undergarments and instead create beautiful works of art that give women an air of confidence to enjoy their body and feel sexy. The underwear unlike most products for women are also created with comfort in mind and why shouldn’t they be? As women wearing undies for the majority of the day and for many throughout the night it makes sense to invest in something that will improve your body shape and confidence.

If you are wearing French lingerie you never have to worry about an underwear faux pas when you least expect it as you will always be dressed to impress with or without your outside clothing.

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